Keep Your Genesis Like New

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Tips to Keeping Your Genesis Like New

Taking Care of Your Genesis Take Teamwork

At Genesis of Fort Myers, we recognize that it takes teamwork to keep your Genesis running like new. With regular Genesis maintenance from our factory-trained and certified technicians as well as routine care by you, your Genesis will continue to perform at its peak every time you drive your car.

To help you maintain your Genesis, take a look at these tips to keep your car running like new.

Taking Care of Basic Maintenance

While routine services like oil changes and tire rotations are at the heart of vehicle maintenance, Genesis owners can take small steps to help keep their vehicles performing as they should. Car owners can take care of their Genesis vehicles by running them through the car wash at least once per week, weather permitting. Doing this removes road salt and other road debris that can damage the finish.

Along with washing your car, you can help prolong its lifespan by checking fluid levels between each maintenance appointment. Pay attention to your dashboard to see if any dash lights illuminate, then bring your Genesis in for service if a problem arises.

You can reduce the chances of unexpected problems by showing up for your scheduled maintenance. Your vehicle’s owner’s manual includes recommendations for service, and the service advisors at Genesis of Fort Myers can help you with scheduling and recording the procedures. Ignoring your service appointments isn’t a good idea as it can affect your vehicle’s gas mileage and other performance details.

Car Services from Genesis

The factory-trained and certified service technicians at Genesis of Fort Myers know how to maintain the moving parts in your Genesis. They can take care of routine services like changing your engine oil, transmission fluid, and air filter. To keep your Genesis running at its peak, we use only OEM Genesis parts.

With routine services, you can reduce the wear and tear on your Genesis and keep your repair bills low. If you have any questions about routine maintenance, the service advisors can help you understand typical Genesis maintenance and needs based on your vehicle’s service history and mileage.

Why Choose Genesis of Fort Myers as Your Teammate

Working with a knowledgeable teammate can help you keep your Genesis running like new. In the Fort Myers area, no one knows the Genesis models like Genesis of Fort Myers. Our expert service advisors and certified technicians can help you with the complicated moving parts in your vehicle. We take pride in helping our customers enjoy their Genesis vehicles, and we look forward to working in a team with you.