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Advantages of the Genesis Experience

With the Genesis experience, the automaker is setting a new standard for luxury car ownership. When you purchase a new Genesis, you don’t just get a well-equipped, modern, and luxurious car or SUV - you get a collection of exceptional complimentary services.

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Tips To Keeping Your Genesis Like New

At Fort Myers Genesis, we recognize that it takes teamwork to keep your Genesis running like new. With regular Genesis maintenance from our factory-trained and certified technicians as well as routine care by you, your Genesis will continue to perform at its peak every time you drive your car.

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How To Buy A Used Car From A Dealer

For many drivers in Fort Myers, buying a used car can be a daunting prospect, which is understandable, given the risks of buying used models. After all, the vehicle may have been in an accident, have damaged parts, or not been serviced in months. All these are problems that you may not be able to see at a glance.